I take it back

The new interface has one really annoying problem. One that makes me wonder if the usability testing for this consisted entirely of a combination of Google engineers and naive users.

The new interface is lacking almost all the tools in the gmail inbox.

Namely those you see to the right, here.

The thing is, the fact that it's NOT the full gmail, is not readily apparent.

In fact, I wondered for a good long while why Google had decided I could no longer report phishing and why tagging was now a bad idea.

The "hey, go here to see 'real' gmail" link is over on the right side. Google, however, with this interface, is implying all the controls are on the LEFT.

I flipped back and forth three times trying to figure out how to get to "full" gmail from here (since until today, clicking the Inbox link did this, and now it doesn't).

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