People are weird

I got this out of office notice today...

-----Original Message-----
From: {someone}
Sent: {today}
To: {me}
Subject: {someone} has left {a company}

I will be out of the office starting {date} and will not return until {some day in} 2011.
Effective Friday{date} , I have left {a company}.
If you need to contact me, please use the following email address:

It's the 2011 thing that gets me. Say what?


MrsWaltz said...

At one company I worked for (forget which one) we had a mail system (forget which one) that would not allow you to NOT put a return date on the OOO message. This sounds like that?

Yet Another Girl said...

That must be it. Strangest email I've gotten this month, that's for sure!