PizzaHut.Com Goes for the Gold

The Gold Medal in embarrassing emails, that is.

Today I had this in both inboxes --->

Of course, I find that LESS horrible than this un-formatted monstrosity they sent me earlier this summer, or this customer-service survey that came weeks after my pizza.

It's an apology for some email that I deleted if I ever saw... but they don't offer much in the way of an apology. Yum! Brands should know better than to make this kind of gaffe time and time again.

If they DID send out some coupon they can't afford, they should have at least offered people a token apology. ("Free 2 liter Pepsi with your next order of $50 or more.") The letter also seems awfully heavy on the 9-syllable words for something that is going out to every college kid with a credit card...

I haven't been on the site in weeks except to show people the horrors of the "Full Description" links; I'm assuming it still sucks.

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