Pizza Hut Follows Up Horrible Web Site Experience With Really Crappy Email

So not too long ago I wrote about PizzaHut.com and its high level of Bad.

Today I get this:

What is it? The Worst Marketing Email In The World. It's not compliant with the three biggies: Outlook, HTML, or Plain Text. It's not even RTF. Maybe it works for Lotus Notes users, but I doubt it.

Beyond that, the links to (I think) sell something are the same as the "get me off your damn spam list" links.

Way to go, Yum! Brands!


Tony said...

Why did your reader convert the message to plain text?

Yet Another Girl said...

It didn't! I checked source. They didn't, for example, include any headers indicating it was an HTML email.

Long ago in a galaxy far, far away I wrote raw email w/ html conversion out of ASP. I know what should be there-- it wasn't there!