It's Alive, It's Alive

So, working from home would normally mean being highly productive while wearing baggy pajamas. (I'm serious about the highly-productive part. I was under quarantine from my doctor last October and I just about drove the office nuts with the volume of email I sent.)

However, I'm being house-sat by my mother-in-law.

So, you know, I have to have on underwear and clean clothes. So no ratty pj's.

However, I've been able to battle back a recent nemesis... my inbox.

I received so little email today I actually checked in to make sure the building didn't catch on fire (hey, it's happened before) and get evacuated. Nope, just a quiet day.

A day in which I reduced my inbox by more than half.

Of course, this means all the low hanging fruit is gone and they only stuff left for TOMORROW is not any fun for working on from home... but still.

I feel accomplished.

Now if only I could walk down the hall and bug someone else for the rest of the "day" instead of being productive...

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