On: Telecommuting

The Top 10 Good Things About Working From Home
1. Get up at 8:25
2. Don't need to get dressed.
3. Get insane (94) number of e-mails sent.
4. Tivo during lunch!
5. Dog can finish my lunch.
6. No musak in the restroom.
7. Can also look at YouTube for lunch, as well as thesuperficial.com and other bad habits.
8. Here for FedEx delivery.
9. Can put post-it notes on cats.
10. At 5:30, already home!

The Top 10 Not-S0-Good Things About Working From Home
1. VPN.
2. PJs getting funky.
3. Husband calls, makes me feel like a slacker.
4. Lonely lunch.
5. My God, the dog is annoying.
6. No desk.
7. 800 pixel Citrix
8. Feet? Cold!
9. Insufficient post-its.
10. Cell phone running low on juice due to calling support about VPN.


Paul McEnany said...

Oh my god, give me working at home any day! I love being able to work from the couch...

Yet Another Girl said...

Yeah, but my couch, bed, desk, lamps, bigger TV, monitor, post-its... they are all in temporary storage right now due to the relocation.