AmericanExpress.Com -- Not Working in a Mac Based Browser Near You

I wanted to check our AmEx bill from last month.

So I logged on to AmericanExpress.com.

Silly me, I expected the CSS driven menus to work in FireFox.

Very silly me.

Here's two screen captures...

First up:

The experience through FireFox on a Mac. Note that there is no way at all to view anything beyond this month because the submenus and search functions simply do not display.

Here's what I normally see in IE.

AmericanExpress has spent way, way too much money on this site for such a stupid error. It's a basic check to say, "hey, do the menus work in FF?" Normally your designers are all using FF anyway (because if you try to take it away it's like you want them to try typing upside down, underwater while being eaten alive by Amazonian toothy river fish), so I don't know how AmEx managed to do this. I didn't have the patience to check the site with, say, a phone or a screen reader, but I'm not thinking 100% functionality.

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