*Sigh* Google.... *Shaking Head* Where it the Usability? Where is the Designer's Eye???

Look, Google, I know you're marketing tie-in people are really happy to have what is obviously months of work launched.

However, I think your myspace-esque "artists and innovators" themes really need a dose of usability.

I just want something I can read! I tried one out... and had it go horribly pink on lavender on me. The red text bleeds into the lavender, the busy, busy, busy top keeps trying to draw my eye up. I can't read the names of the blogs without squinting and really focusing, which is more work than I want to put into this... it's supposed to be a page about making things convenient, after all.

So I tried a few more. I look at this thing all the time. I can't look at ANY of these multiple times a day. I would go blind.

This one at least I can read the headings, but something about typing on those models breasts every time I need to search doesn't do much for me.

Ok, I just see Anne Geddes® and want to barf. The yellow on yellow is also terrifically hard to read.

I actually don't think this one is that bad... except for the white (again, unreadable) text on violet.

Ok, reminds me of our kitchen when I was like 3, but again... can't read the teal on turquoise text. Also, it's just kinda.. icky. Maybe if my screen was narrow enough to not see the awkward gaps.

Oh. My. God. No. Way. In. Hell. Also, if you look at it right (or wrong) the middle row is a big row of breasts.

Found a couple that should be called "Anorexia Is Fun!". If I wasn't scared of that girl's knees, I could almost use this one. It's spare yet colorful... why can't the text be black?

Someone would complain about the thong.

Found one or two where the Google search box is colliding with the design, which just bothers me; why can't the dude be 3 inches to the left? Or right? Or just a little smaller?

And gave up. With a shudder.

And wondered how many meetings it took to come up with "and innovators" to be able to lump Lance Armstrong®, The Wiggles®, and Coldplay® in with Diane von Furstenberg®.


Matt Goldey said...

I think you're being too picky. There's nothing that wrong with any of those.

Yet Another Girl said...

I must look at my Google home page 100 times a day.

Any of these would make me NOT look at my Google home page 100 times a day.

(Yes, between work and home, I use the Internet that much, 99% of the time I'm not even reading things for fun. It's my home page on most boxes I use.)

Test said...

I still like the little fox going about his day the best.

Yet Another Girl said...

I'm constantly amused by the big monster in new york harbor... but i have it on a tab I don't hit so often.

My main tab is the watercolor hong kong skyline.