Really, American Airlines, Really?

My husband had some more miles expire. I have no idea why these were different than the previous set.

However, maybe the AA people read posts like mine: http://yetanothersite.blogspot.com/2007/10/oh-thank-you-on-job-travel.html

Because this time, along side Horse Illustrated, Robb Report Motorcycling, American Legacy, and Diabetes Forecast we were offered Time and Newsweek.

So, yay, real magazines we might actually read.

Of course, the points didn't add up, so we will also be getting Budget Traveler and Martha Stewart Living (2 years!).

I added this up on Amazon -- this week's miles rewards sell for $117.92.

I still would have much, much rather been offered American Airlines gear "worth" $117.92. Sure, the bulk produced fleece American Airlines sweatshirt/jacket might actually cost AA $10.... did they not pay $10.00 in something for all these magazines?

For the total record, the varying miles expirations (plus one Amazon free with purchase) have resulted in us now recieving:

  • RADAR (quality varies)
  • The Atlantic Monthly (husband reads it)
  • Wired (husband, again)
  • The Economist (you think you will read it, but you don't)
  • Backpacker (seems to be heavy on the product reviews)
  • W (haven't even tried, arms aren't long enough for large format, also reeks of perfume)
  • Forbes (yeah, right)
  • Sports Illustrated (*sigh* swimsuit issue)
  • The Advocate (interesting ads)
  • Variety (much writer's strike angst here)
  • The Wall Street Journal (daily! argh!)
  • Working Mother (haven't bothered)
  • Fortune (blah)
  • Conde Nast Traveler (matter)
  • Budget Traveler (anti-matter)
  • Newsweek (yay!)
  • Time (and it's not even a doctor's office)
  • Martha Stewart Living (everyone else is doing it)
  • Bon Appetite (I'm sure I will eventually look at one)
The reading backlog is now 3 feet high.

Thank G-d for CatalogChoice.org, b/c we were also recieving about 2 catalogs we had never heard of per magazine...


Audrey said...

Wow, I'm the editor of American Legacy. Makes me kind of sad that you wouldn't find it even mildly interesting. But, oh well. But I guess you could call it special interest.

Yet Another Girl said...

AA sends these form letters. They are one page. They don't say what the magazines are, or even show a cover. (The magazines change with each letter).

I have no idea what American Legacy is. Last time we had to use Wikipedia and Amazon to look up the choices, which is how we wound up with Radar. I'm not liking Radar... it's sort of like if the SouthPark guys ran a magazine. This time we could go with things I have read- namely Newsweek and Time - so we did.

I would bet that 95% of the people who get the letter, if they do anything at all, go by the name of the magazine.

American Legacy is listed in Wikipedia as a magazine for, "African-American history and culture". I'm not African American, but more importantly I don't enjoy reading history.