Great Honking Huge Affiliate Payout!

After 3/4 of a year, I have earned an additional Amazon.com affiliate pay out.

Brace yourself.


Rock on! Party time! Excellent!

That's one of the changes that Web 2.0 has brought -- as blogging has expanded it is no longer just the corporate sites and a few of the high traffic personal sites (Rob Toupes, I'm looking at you) who can be affiliates... EVERYONE can be an affiliate.

Of course, as my spreadshirt account reveals, it really doesn't do any of those few high traffic personal sites much good.

For a while the 80's quiz was covering bandwidth costs... with donations, not affiliate accounts. Don't get me wrong, I will take the $100 from Google twice a year and go by rain barrels or a new wireless TrackMan, but it's not like it's paying my mortgage, or car payment, or student loan bills, or electricty.....


Anonymous said...

glad your making a huge income... you might want to take a look at the rain barrel kits from www.aquabarrel.com since with that amount of $ you probably will not be able to afford the entire barrel too :-)

Yet Another Girl said...

Ok, mr anonymous person looking for links to AB, that site runs twice what local rain barrels cost, and that's w/o shipping.