Reasons I Hate Office 2007

I want to save a file as a new name so I can have two versions.

So, I need File-->Save As.

Except there is no longer a File menu. Hmmm. Add a button? No, no save as button is available.

I know, I'll try help!

Search help: Save As.

This gives me a page and a half per Office application on the options from the Save As screen. No where in the help does it tell me how the R$#R%@#%@#%RR#$%@$!#E!@ I'm supposed to actually trigger Save As.

I hate you, Microsoft. Hate, hate, hate.

//ed: I found it. I had to click the windows symbol. The one that doesn't at all look like something I can click.


kapgar said...

I usually save as one file name, make one tiny change, and then change it back. That should do the trick. Or is 2007 onto my little ruse? Haven't played with it yet.

Noah Sanders said...

My office just "upgraded" to Office 2007. I can't find anything now! The owner threw a fit this morning and made IT revert his back to Office XP for the same reason. Too bad I can't get away with that!