Halloween Part II: The Great Play-Doh Controversy

Well, the neighbors overall seem to like our disgusting/weird display of pumpkin slaughter. (We added green glow sticks when it hit dusk!)

However, we bought two bags (that's 50 "cans") of mini-play-doh's to hand out w/ the candy.

Every kid notices the play-doh going into the bag... and says something.
They are running 45-45-10 on:
"Darn you! Give me candy!" (Spiderman, Grim Reaper)
"Cool!! Play-doh!" (Princess 1, Batman, Cow, Cow's Mom)
"I like turtles" (or similar levels of confusion) (Princess 2, Zombie Kid)

I, personally, think the play-doh is cool. And it's not like it's rocks. In fact, as I type, I have black play-doh stuck under my fingernails.....

(picture stolen, my play-doh skills are rustier than that)

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