Websites That Make Me Want To Scream, Part #554409.b.iii

Part I:

A form that doesn't allow me to type-tab-type-tab-enter.

Part I, Section B:

A form that BEEPS at me when I DARE try to use the easiest, most user friendly way to submit data.
What the hell?

This is the designer in my head, "Holy Hell! Someone might use this form without using the mouse! I bought stock in Logitech. THIS IS NOT ALLOWED. BEEP, I SAY BEEP!"
It's more likely someone's foolish answer to a less-hacky form.

Either way it's bad.

Part II:

Please note the allowed computer systems. Yes, that's right. MetLife benefits customers are not allowed to use Windows Vista. MetLife benefits customers are not allowed to use IE 7! (MetLife benefits customers are not allowed to use Opera, either.) Nor are MetLife benefits customers allowed to use Linux, Windows 98 (it's still out there, people) or IE 5 for the Mac (ditto). Obviously, we need not even mention using a WAP enabled cell phone, a text browser, or JAWS (or any other screen reader.)

This highlights the stupidity of the whole "supported browser" concept. If your site is that tied into behaviors only supported by some browsers, you're going to be up a creek without a paddle when your customers upgrade thier computers. Since you're MetLife you might also have customers who access your site from work -- they have no control over their OS and browser version (if they even know what they are).

Summary: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

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