Cell Phone Plan Stupidity

Sprint and Nextel bought each other.

We have one phone in each. It's really silly for us to have two plans from one company and also have two phones near death.

So I look at switching our plans.

And you know what, if I want to change plans w/ SpriNextel, I have to sign a two year agreement. And I won't get free phones.


Cingular.com -- (b/c they are the iPhone people.) Wow! They can transfer our old phone numbers over. Two year agreement. Free (non-i) phones.

Call SprinTel to ask them if that's right - two year agreement for just changing plans. Yep, that's right.

Prepaid is looking better all the time, but w/ the spouse's cell phone habits, think we'll try calling Cingular first.

This is, as many many people have written, a really stupid way to run your business.

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