Embarassing Moments in Code Monkey Land, Part 453.b

Talking to someone (hey, actual manager named Rob) and the Mac, which I use when coding on the PC as my sound system, pulls up the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack on iTunes.

Specifically a file which I'm now reading from my trash as, "Pumpkin & Honey Bunny."

The one that starts with her screaming "Or I'll shoot every last one of you m-----f-----s."


Obviously my supervisory power stuff probably means I need to clean those files out more...

Speaking of Macs and the Mac trashcan, I miss my "I Like Trash" singing Oscar the Grouch from Mac 5400. (Link to another blog just to prove I'm not making that up: http://www.bigrick.fm/blog/2005/01/matt-groening-apple-ad.html)

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