Evil Intrudes on Duke.Edu

OK, by now we all know I really, really dislike it when I can't copy and paste.

I was really surprised, however, to see this turn up on Duke's website.

There's a speech by Mr. BoingBoing, and I thought I would see if I can go.

However, when I tried to copy the description from the page so I could email it to my boss.... http://www.provost.duke.edu/speaker_series/current_speakers.html... the page wouldn't let me. Once again, I could do it in Mozilla.

In this case I think it's a side effect of the extremely long JavaScript menus, but I don't know. Maybe they, as, you know, an educational institution, think no information should be shared.

If they did it on purpose, there's a certain irony since the speech is about the DCMA being used evilly...

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