Weather.com Sells What's Left of Its Tarnished Soul To The Same Bargain Hunting Satan That Snopes Did

Link to Weather.com specific page

Weather.com has decided, much like Snopes, to spread the joy of no select, no copy, no user joy. Luckily for us all they don't know how to code for Mozilla, so this particular rabid evilness is only for the 78% of users using IE.

What, exactly, is the point of making it so that I can't copy the WEATHER? Which it gets FREE from the federal government, after all.

Weather.com's expected user inner dialog: "Ohh, weather.com won't let me copy the weather to this email to the kids. It must be copyrighted under the DMCA! I'm a very good person. I will use the email the weather link and sign up for spam. Also, I will click all the banner ads and give them my visa number because I love weather.com. I wonder if there's anything I can subscribe to so I can regularly have them charge me?"

Actual user inner dialog: "What the ..... I can't copy and paste????"
(splits to two paths)

Path a: "I must have broken my computer! Better call my kids to have them fix it!"

Path b: "Ok, that's the !$%#% last straw. I'm using wunderground, even if the graphics look like Paint 3.0"

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