There's a Chance People May Be Looking at This...

I haven't been blogging as much for the last few months-- the blog got Mommy Tracked as I ran out of spare time.  Also, nothing has really annoyed the heck out of me lately that I haven't already went on and on about...

If you're a new (potential) reader, here are a few links:

My favorite 5 posts (today anyway, subject to frequent change):

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  5. Halloween 2008
Fan top 3:
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  3. Beware the Bacon
Google Analytics top 5:
  1. Punt, Apple, Punt!
  2. Pizza Hut.com, To Borrow from Vincent Flanders, Sucks
  3. Sex Sells? So Marketing Rules....
  4. Halloween 2007
  5. Sprint Gets it Wrong

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