Google Does Mystery Meat Functionality

Ok, look at this page.

Then you tell me how I am supposed to edit a Google Toolbar Bookmark's name.

Because when I click on a bookmark to edit the name (which, incidentally usually happens b/c the toolbar saved it before I stopped typing), this is the screen I get.

It's magic!

Once you move your mouse over the text, a box appears around it and you can suddenly edit.

That little down arrow on the side? Red herring. Just allows you to delete the darn bookmark... which I have done before in frustration!

Why, Google, Why? The boxes wouldn't mess me up not hidden, so why confuse the flip out of people by hiding them?

This strikes me as classic, "Developer thought it was really cool, never mind that users have no clue when left on their own" design.

Bad, Google, Bad!

The sad thing? I still use Google Bookmarks because I really like having them follow me from computer to computer on the toolbar.

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