Careful With Those Ad Buys

Seen online: Fashion week slideshow from MSNBC... with ad banners from WeightWatchers.

I think the implications are a little too much. "Sorry, don't look like a 6 foot tall model? Try WeightWatchers so you can!"

The second screengrab shows the saddest part... Lindsay Lohan has been getting thinner and thinner lately, and some of the gossip sites are starting to use the word anorexia in conjunction with her....

So what's below the image? WeightWatchers. "Don't look like a celebrity with fake breasts slowly starving herself? We can help!"

Eating disorders are a real problem world-wide, and WeightWatchers is blatantly playing into the concept that if you don't look like this... well, there's something wrong with you.

If WW didn't mean to do this, they need to seriously look at how they buy ads (all "women's" stories?). If they did do this on purpose, they should be ashamed.

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