Too Bad, So Sad

New Blogger Feature (I just typoed that "Blooger", and wouldn't THAT be a choice product name) "Reactions" showed up when I went to change the comment text (My husband complained that it looked like I was trying to be jive with "shout outs" and horribly failing).

It *looks* like Reactions allow you (the reader) to tell me what you think of my posts.

I put in the following choices (the first three were already there from Google):

  • funny
  • interesting
  • cool
  • blah
  • odd
  • that's smrt
  • run and hide it's angry!
Unfortunately, said buttons did not show up. Alas.

Yet another way I could show (see to the left where I have TWO people following this blog) that no one is reading this, thwarted by a bug.


MrsWaltz said...

I swear I didn't just follow you to make you wrong. I just had to deal with the whole "join blogger" thing.

Yet Another Girl said...

Woohoo! THREe! Now my title is right!!!

MrsWaltz said...

Yeah, seeing that in your left sidebar sort of cemented it for me as "the thing I must do right this minute."

Yet Another Girl said...

I just feel very Carnac right now.

There will be.... 3... people.

And viola, there are 3 people!

MrsWaltz said...

Go ahead, Carnac. Make it 4. I have a friend. (One.)