I'm Going To a Conference

Unfortunately, I don't think it will be a super fun and exciting conference.

It's all about accessibility.

While I get really passionate about how important accessibility it, it tends to not make for exciting conference presentations.

This is b/c instead of being all about How To Do Really Cool Neat New Things Online accessibility presentations, as a generality, tend to be either a Zeldman-esque rant on If You'd Just Use 100% Standards This Would All Go Away or a lecture on the 10,002 Things You Can't Make Accessible, Don't Even Try, with a few demos of JAWS thrown in.

I have hope there will be interesting, fun, and challenging presentations.... this time.

Spouse reading over my shoulder: Who is Zeldman?
Me: a web guy who speaks at conferences and writes books.
Spouse: Do you think he Googles himself?
Me: Probably, but I doubt Zeldman-esque will get there.

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