Dear Voice Mail Programmers,

Could you set an industry standard sometime in the next decade?

I've got three voice mail accounts (cell, blackberry, desk) and they all use a different code for delete. Two of the three are owned by the same darn MegaConglomaCorp.

Seriously, making the generic functions standard doesn't mean you have to destroy all security standards, I promise.

If these industries

can all set standards, why can't you?


TonyRoomZ said...

Now I remember why I like you... We hate the same types of annoyances..

Yet Another Girl said...

Condoms! Kindergarten Drama teachers! All have standards.

Voice mail systems? Nooooo.

I think it goes something like this:

Bob: People are complaining the VM is too hard to use
Larry: I don't want to reprogram it, Spore just arrived and I haven't finished Warhammer yet.
Bob: Have you seen those giant walking ***** on YouTube?
Larry: Seen them? Check out what I made.
Bob: What do I tell the customers?
Larry: Tell them it's a security feature that each voice mail system requires a unique code
Bob: But there's only 9 choices... that's not much security
Larry: Shhh. You say security and they will swallow anything. Now check out this Spore, I call it BoobARella....