Realtors Finally Beginning (Maybe "It's the Economy, Stupid") to Use Teh Innerweb?

In 2002 I bought my first house. When looking for a buyers' agent I emailed something like 20 agents. As a single woman, I emailed every female buyers' agent I could find online.

1 answered me.

In 2006 we sold that house; I emailed something like 20 agents of both genders.

3 answered me.

When we bought this house, we went through a rebate program at our bank, but the first criteria was finding out if the agent was going to answer our email (he did, and he was AWESOME and I hope he's doing ok in this market because he was AWESOME.)

Washington Post has a long story that can be summarized in one sentence, "Realtors find out people actually read web sites, not just MLS listings, start blogging." OMG! Shocking!



Matt Goldey said...

You were just ahead of the curve! :)

Yet Another Girl said...

I'm not going to tell you about the Super Powerful Spreadsheet b/c I'm pretty sure I need to put a patent on it, then sell it to Realtor.com. (yeah, right).