Bloggity Blog, Blog. Blog!

I have something like 90 "starred" items in Google Reader.

I star items when

a) I want to read them from home at length

b) they have some sort of video attached and I want to view them from home at length

c) they have anything that might be NSFW

d) I want to blog about them

During the Olympics I powered through a lot of items a,b, and c. I'm working on d.

I'm trying something new out-- scheduling posting through the blogger interface. So postings appear to be posted when I'm asleep (6:32 am? hah. right.) or should be at lunch (assuming I actually got to go to lunch at 12...).

We'll see how it goes. Comment moderation may be delayed b/c it's posting, but I'm Doing Stuff.

This week has like 2+ posts/day scheduled. I don't know if next week I will get the same volume, b/c it's Holiday Weekend And I Want To Do Things Not Involving a Computer. I suppose I could compose things while in the car (passenger!) on the BlackBerry, but, ugh, typos.

Also, if you have this embedded in your iGoogle page, google changed the name to the URL, not I. They REALLY don't know how to deal with a title involving greater than, less than, and a backslash...

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