If you build it... they will come?

I'm struggling with how to get more people to see this blog.

Things I can't do:

  • Tell people "officially" it is here
  • Add my name or job title or employer information
  • Link it from my linked-in profile

Things I won't do:

  • spam links in other blogs
  • naked {whomever} trolling

I feel like there's some good content on here occasionally... ok more than occasionally. I hope that's not self-centered arrogance.

Hard to keep standards up (nothing really can keep me from writing) when no one's there to hear the tree fall.

(I get between 10 and 60 hits/day, mostly depending on traffic from the 80's quiz.)


MrsWaltz said...

Hey, relatively new reader here and I have some thoughts to share. First, you ALWAYS have good stuff to say. Not only that, you say it very well (which isn't always the case.) I always enjoy your blog (although I'm guilty of reading it from my Google Reader so you might not know I'm reading?)
I'm not getting a ton of hits myself (most of mine are family; HOWEVER...I come from a high-tech family!) but I'd love to add you to my blogroll, if that's okay with you (mine's not a tech blog or even anything analytical, unless you count me trying to figure out WTF my children are thinking...)? And I will take you out of my feed reader so that I have to go to your site to read instead, if that will help.

Phoebe said...

I know that the way adoptee blogs get views is because the authors comment on other people's blogs, which get those people looking at them, and now and then those people will point their own readers to the new author's blog.

If I had a real blog, no one would ever read it. Because I am not the sort of person who enjoys building up networks like that.

Yet Another Girl said...

I welcome any and all links! And I use Google Reader, so if that is what keeps people reading, that's great....

I feel dirty if I go comment on other people's blogs just so I can post a cross link.

Very, very dirty.

MrsWaltz said...

MrsWaltz again. I totally get what you mean about not commenting just to post a link; I can't do it either. I never put my url in the comments (although I confess to using whatever feature the blog has for including my url as part of my name so that it becomes a hyperlink to my own solipsistic blog...is that bad?) and I only comment when I have things to say (and I try very hard to keep my comment from sounding like an attempt to make their post about ME in some way) (ummm, unlike this comment, which is rapidly running away from me and turning into complete asshaterie. Sorry.)
Where was I? Oh, yes -- I added you to my blogroll and honestly, if my Dad ever clicks the link, he's way more likely to comment on your stuff than he is his own grandchildren. You guys seem to have the same pet peeves about usabiliity :)
Best of luck to you; please keep up the awesome insight/critiquing.