You've Got Kevin Costner, Now How About Some Usability?

For those of you who don't live around Durham, NC you may have been lucky enough to miss the ads for Kevin Costner and his band... who will be singing at a Durham Bulls game in the future.

That's all well and good, but they make it sort of difficult to actually buy tickets (in this case to a Non-Costner (I hope) event.)

Tell me, oh great ticket-selling-web-site-developers in the sky, exactly what IS a standard seat? And if I want the seats in a blue box behind a dugout, how do I find them?

Ohhhh, I have to select each category then go through its drop down list.

Of course, how silly of me to expect a key to the color coding.

Part 2: I clicked the link (it comes and goes) the "section guide."

No help here!
Updated: after much, much clicking I finally realized the seats I want are not for sale. Probably season tickets.
Would it be impossible to actually MARK THAT on the map? Your normal user is just going to assume they are "too stupid" to use this damn site... and call and make your phone people explain it. Thus upping your business costs. Poor usability costs money!!

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