Google Makes Things Incredibly Difficult: Where Is The Feed??

I found this today,

I wanted to add it to Google Reader.

Except I can't.

Blogger doesn't have automatic feeds. Why? Google God only knows.

Even official Blogger Blogs only have custom Feedburner feeds.

Why in the world does the mammoth force known as Google's Blogger not interact with the mighty mountain of Google Reader? I have no idea. Too many minutes of fruitless searching later, I could build my own syndication feed for it on feedburner (no thank you), or give up.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

And don't tell me I'm just not clever enough--- Google couldn't help, and adding /rss.xml or atom.xml doesn't work.


Matt Goldey said...

Because Blogger was acquired by Google, not developed by Google.

Yet Another Girl said...

-5- years ago!

They've redone a ton of stuff. Wouldn't making a blogging site actually HAVE RSS or ATOM seem to be a #1 priority???

Right before threading the damn comments?