Mixed Feelings...

My angst with Blue Cross Blue Shield ® has been ongoing.

I had been using the site for perhaps three months before I hit the annoyance wall and submitted an online complaint.

My issue? In IE, and IE only, every single login failed the first time. But ALWAYS succeeded the second time. I don't know what the hell they did, but that was the experience. Luckily for me, I've come to expect bizarre experiences from them and just kept trying.

No one did anything for the next year.

Then about six weeks ago I was randomly selected for a survey from BCBS.

Hello, this is BCBS we are conducting a customer service survey of...
Interrupting, Are you going to ask about the web site?
Pause, Yes, there are some questions
I will do it.
Ok, the survey is expected to...
Interrupting, I will do it.
Ok, I have to read this.

They asked me about the web site. The guy actually RAN OUT OF SPACE on the form. *snicker* *cough*

Yet, miraculously, not a week later the login problem? Fixed. (They haven't, however, fixed anything ELSE on the site yet.)

I'm glad someone at BCBS is paying attention to the user surveys they are spending money on... but what ever happened to my email? I sent it through the form they had for such.. and never even saw an automated response.


Tony said...

mail -s Feedback feedback@bcbs.com > /dev/null

That sums it up :)

Yet Another Girl said...

I consider that on some corporate level... lying.

"Here's a form for you to give us feedback."

Having the form implies someone gives a rat's ass.

DevNulling those is the WORST kind of customer service... it's actually the OPPOSITE of customer service.