Bad Usability = High Returns

The Wall Street Journal has an article about how Apple and Sony are pushing "personalization" of devices via engraving.


Not because they actually want you to love your iPod more... but because 95% of returns are not due to defects.

"Instead, most consumers give up on products for other reasons, such as the device being too confusing to use, the study found."

A page and a half from the WSJ on how companies are spending money (better manuals, better purchasing help desks) to reduce user confusion.

No mention at ALL of better design processes.

If I can't see how my cell phone REALLY works in the store, and your web interface won't let me do a CAPITAL LETTER in a login, and I need to read my email on that phone... I'm returning the phone. The sad thing is, that could have been found in 5 minutes of usability testing....

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