Untrained? Unsupported?

Dear People at:

Before you go mouthing off that all government web designers are uninformed, overburdened hacks, please talk to a few.

I worked in the public sphere for quite a while. I consistently worked with talented, driven people who took pay cuts in order to work in public service. Yes, there are bad government websites out there. There are also really bad personal websites (MySpace users, I'm looking at you.)

There are also bad corporate websites. Some of those bad corporate sites have been created by people with large budgets, big staffs, etc. (Ebay, I'm looking at you.) Where is your page saying that private sector sites are run by idiots working for idiots?

And lest you forget, if it wasn't for those government offices you disdain so much, you wouldn't have an internet at all.

If you want designs to look at, you could try contacting:

Thank you,



kapgar said...

Oh man, and here I thought MySpace represented the pinnacle of Web design and standards compliance! I'm so bummed.

Yet Another Girl said...

It's easy to make fun of something I don't use. ;>

My husband is on FaceBook. As far as I can tell it exists to ask you who is the better dancer among your 8 other friends.

kapgar said...

I have both but hate MySpace. I only keep the account because my wife likes to read other people's profiles and comment on occasion. If it weren't the primary source of communication for some of these people, I'd ditch it. They use it rather than e-mail even though the update notifications come in via e-mail. Go fig, eh?

Facebook, primarily, is for my Zombie Bite game. I like that. Dunno why. But it is a much cleaner interface than MySpace. But it's been getting worse with all the applets that have been popping up from third party sources.