Why Blogger Breaks: 7 Sites You Didn't Know Google Had

1. GapMinder - sort of like those "State of the World" books
2. Google Mars - b/c you need directions to the rover
3. Find random people with your phone
4. Let Google Eat Your Voicemail
5. Google Personals. B/c Craig's List wasn't wacky enough.
6. Creepy or Cool? You decide-- what you're listening to today
7. Google Moon - complete with little lego-ish astronauts

Bonus: 1-800-411-Goog: Free 411. (Be warned, if you want the address nearest you, find a small town match. Searching by zip code just extropolates the search to the entire City limit. For example, if you search for Starbucks by your office zip code, you're going to get the top 5 Starbucks in that metro area. Not really helpful for commonly found things in large cities. We use this when lost.)

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