E-commerce Gone Terribly Wrong (on My Inbox)

1. E-mail receipt of purchase, with "confirmed delivery date." What I'm expecting.

2. Welcome to Best Buy. Wait, didn't you welcome me when you sent me a receipt? Why are you welcoming me now? How many emails from Best Buy do I need to brace for? This email, by the way, arrives 34 minutes after the previous email.

3. Cross-selling. Except Best Buy is very brilliant and tries to sell me Whirlpool accessories for my LG washer. And dryer vent stuff (didn't make the crop). This email arrives 1 minute after my welcome note.

4. I feel doomed. A full 42 minutes after Best Buy tells me my delivery is confirmed I get an email telling me it is NOT confirmed.

5. 11 hours later, Best Buy has not charged my card, but the online site says I'm confirmed. Hmmm. Of course, the site also said they would call the day before delivery to confirm... which is Christmas Day. Am now feeling that Buy More Best Buy is very smrt.

This is what I get for going w/ the place that had it on sale...

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