Apple Believes in Looooonnnnggg Support Lifetimes?

I was looking for some help with my iPod (looks like a restore is in order. Uhoh, have to hack it to back it up first).

Found something in a forum... where the link with the long code number broke.

Discovered this:

Apple II & IIe: Power Supply Input Frequency Limitations
Last Modified on: February 08, 2000
Article: 3
The Apple II and IIe power supply is a switching power supply. It is designed to accept 107 to 135 volts from DC to 60 Hz.It will also work at up to 400 Hz but this endangers a circuit which protects the supply from shorting to the point that the protecting circuit will not work.

Articles number 4,5, and 7 all cover the Apple II, IIe, and IIc mini-assembler. (No #6)

I'm wondering if I kept hitting the numbers long enough I would find instructions for the game where you dropped the Bunny/Gnome through ports to look for Carrots/Gold using the Open Apple and Closed Apple keys...

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