What Seat Do You Take?

I went to a meeting today. One of those big-important type meetings.

And I walked in, and there were two kinds of seats left: at the table, and along the wall. The chairs are better at the table. At the table you have a better view. At the table you have something to write on.

So I took a seat at the table.

As people continued to file in, I noticed something. Some people are wall-seat people, others are seat-at-the-table people.

The room continued to fill, and about 60% took seats along the wall... even though there were multiple empty seats at the table.

So, here's something to contemplate: are you at the table, or along the wall?

On a personal note, I don't know if I'm a)oblivious to the social factors at work b)think I'm worthy of the table c)just not fond of writing on my lap or d)still a nerd who sits near the front of the room. But I always sit at the table... unless all the seats are gone.


Tony said...

Where was the door? Don't forget that whole... See what's coming at you instinct.. and only the Kool Aid man comes through walls.

~ RoomZ

Yet Another Girl said...

There were two doors, both on one side, by one row of chairs. Then another row of chairs on the other side of the table away from the doors...