User Data Crunching Gone Too Far


My Tivo has decided I'm African-American. I wouldn't really care, but much like Aaron McGruder, I am not a fan of BET. The black dots of movies like Soul Plane are running Sex and the City reruns off... (I've seen all the SATC, already, twice, but still...)

I can live with that. I do have a delete button.

The catalog flood between Christmas and our scary magazine list is also going a little haywire.

I'm recycling the onslaught and using CatalogChoice.org daily.

Semi-nude chubby women follow me from web site to web site because I bought a bra online... 3 years ago.

But this, this I put my foot down at.

Amazon is getting me back for buying music from this decade.

I've been Ugged.

Oh, the horror.