So.... music lovers use napster, but they also buy cds?

This reminds me of the studies showing that people with unregulated internet access at work spend something like 2 time the amount of time they spent at work on personal business on work business from home.... but the people with blocked/limited access spent no time on work stuff from home. (I call this the, "oh well, then screw you" factor.)

"However, our analysis of the Canadian P2P file-sharing subpopulation suggests that there is a strong positive relationship between P2P file-sharing and CD purchasing. That is, among Canadians actually engaged in it, P2P file-sharing increases CD purchasing. We estimate that the effect of one additional P2P download per month is to increase music purchasing by 0.44 CDs per year"

More: http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/epic/site/ippd-dppi.nsf/en/h_ip01456e.html

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