No, Not A Dot-Commer!!

Today I'm volunteering at a career fair to talk to middle schoolers (and their parents) about working in IT/Web.

So last night I had to figure out what to wear. I wanted something dressy enough to impress any other speakers I ran into, but not so intimidating that the kids all run away.

So, digging through the laundry I found my "I'm blogging this" t-shirt, a pair of light colored jeans, and my interview blazer.

I put the combo on, and my husband says, "You look like a dot-commer."

My reply, "Well, that's no good."

I kept the jeans and blazer, but replaced the faded t-shirt with a sweater. Much better.

(No one wants to look like a dot-commer, not even someone who has owned "yetanotherdot.com" for 8 years.)

Sorry, poll-takers, there haven't been any websites that really ticked me off this week. But, there's 2 days to go!

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