Broken, Broken, Broken

If you're designing this banker's box, where do you think the best place to put the instructions is?

You could go with the inside bottom, the lid, the underside of the lid, the sides, the back or the bottom.

Now, your users will want to write on the top and probably all the sides. Which leave the bottom, the inside bottom, or the lid bottom.

In folding the box, the lid bottom and the inside bottom are always visible. Since it's sort of flapping out there while you fold the rest, I would go with the underside of the lid.

In folding the box, the outside bottom is NEVER visible. Guess where they printed the instructions? Yep, on the outside bottom. The only place you can't look on the box? That's where the instructions are.
It took two of us to put this darn thing together, and basically, we ignored the directions... because we HAD to.

(To add to the great customer service experience, if you want to buy one of these directly from Fellowes, don't look on their website. It doesn't recognize the name or the very large product code on the box as a searchable item.)

Image stolen from teh interweb. You can tell I didn't do it 'cause argh person has short hair and looks sort of.. male.


Kevin Apgar said...

I dunno. Argh looks like it could be Susan Powter.

Yet Another Girl said...

yeah, but I'm a girly girl w/ my hair. if it's above my collar it's too short.