What is the incremental cost of an electronic bill, anyway?

My bank is hooked up to my land line / dsl provider.

Which is good. I can get and pay my bills electronically.

However, I just don't trust computer billing. I like to get those paper bills.

Verizon is really SMRT. They have decided that you can't have electronic bills past three bills unless you convert entirely to electronic bills. And I get not wanting to pay for postage, etc. However, I'm never going to convert away from getting paper copies. There's been too many times in my past where one BigMegaCorp or another screwed up the billing on something.

So, I get about 5 emails telling me my e-billing trial is ending from Verizon. They can't continue to send e-bills unless I convert, yada yada yada.

And then today, what do I get? An ebill from Verizon.


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