No, that's not how I would do that...

The host for my domains won't talk to you on the phone unless you know your customer number. (My customer numbers range from under 200 to over 30,000 with them).

If you send a request to support for your customer number (since it's not on your monthly billing receipt) they send you a bill.

You have to scroll down two screens and look at the font size 8 type to realize it's supposed to be a copy of your original bill.

Except it's not b/c
a)your password listed is 7 years out of date
b)your billing address is current
c)your billing plan matches your current bill, but not the one you had 7 years ago.

This results in a phone call to them about WTF are they charging me a setup fee again, b/c I'm seeing current information and the year is in font size 8.

Ugh. Can't they at least tag an automated, "here's the information you requested" notice on?

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