Grumpy Customer Alert

I called my bank to tell them the web bill pay thing is down.

By down, I mean that it flips you to another server to pay bills and that server is not responding.

This is me being a good customer-- "hey, might want to do something." Also, I need to pay the cable bill.

I do NOT like being told that the server going null response for 15 minutes in two browsers is because I'm not clearing my cookies.

No, I don't think so.

I do NOT like being told to log out and log in again.

What part of "tried in two browsers" do you not understand? Your session doesn't carry accross browsers!

I do NOT like being told that it works great for the chicky. You're on a different network segment, lady.

And, no, it's not my connection to the interweb b/c the rest of your site still flies... as well as everything else.

I hate walking through support scripts. I hate it even worse when the person on the other end doesn't know what those questions mean.

I finally pulled out the, "look, I administer web servers for a living" card just to get off the damn phone.


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