Defining the YouTube Phenomenom

I put this list together, with a little help from my friends, today in order to give someone at work an example of what exactly people do on YouTube. Not the best, not the worst, just a sampling of what YouTube is. Along with some of the ones everyone has seen.

Video Links:

1. Code Monkey: (Silly)

2. 9/11: (Grim)

3. Kozo: (Silly, Purple, Mildly Offensive)

4. Numa Numa: (Infamous)

5. Panda: (Short)

6. Montana Meth Project: (Public Health)

7. Kiwi!: (Showing Off)

8. Where the Hell is Matt?: (Inspiring / Silly)

9. Wait for Grandma: (Odd)

10. That Way: (Silly)

11. Animator vs Animation: (Showing Off)

12. Pacabel Rant (VERY Funny):

13. Evolution of Dance: (Funny)

14. Evolution of Beauty: (Commercial / Public Service)

15. Treadmill Dance: (Band Video)

16. Time for Timer: (Publci Health, Nostalgia)

17. Free Guitar Lessons: (Commercial, NPR Story)

18. Anthony's Video: (Fan Made Video)

19. Mom My Ride: (Dunno)

20. Original Wassup: (Commercial)

21. Cheech and Chong, Mexican Americans (Definitely Offensive, Piracy?):

22. Star Trek Cribs (Possibly Offensive, Piracy?):

23. If You Had Lightsabers (Offensive Language Towards End):

24. White and Nerdy (Wierd Al):

25. Barby Girl (Ugh):

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