I really, really hope StarTelegram was hacked

Or at least has an angry employee.

See screen capture below....


Phoebe said...

"Published on January 28, 2007, Page BB2, Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX)"

Also: "Note: Searching is always free. There is a $2.95 fee to view the full-text of any article." In light of that, I vote that Texas is just clueless about the Internet. 0:)

Yet Another Girl said...

The *Telegram and DMN have this thing where you can only see the summary line of anything older than a certain amount of months, unless you want to pay.

Tulsa World does it, too, actually.

I got really frustrated with this when I went on my HS alumni site - one girl is listed as deceased. I wanted to see if I could find an obit, but I didn't want to pay $2.95 per possible hit.