Google, You Be Crazy

I admit it. I use gmail. I use google documents. I use google homepage. I use google analytics (well, only on this page). And this thing, of course, uses Google.

I, however, refuse to register for Webmaster Central. I really don't think I care exactly how many pages link to my sites, especially when I can just look at my referrer logs.

Great, it's exciting new news that Google is allowing full link:yoursite searches.... except it's not.

Mostly, I'm irritated. Why? Well, a)I didn't know Google was not giving me a full report and b)AltaVista used to. Anything Altavista did 5 years ago I feel like google should now.

Without requiring me to set up a profile. For goodness sake, Google, you track the world already. Do you really need me to register to do one measly search? Because I'm pretty sure you already know my shoe size, my birth weight, and the geocoordinants of the location I got married....

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