Top Ten Things You Learn About Local Government From TV

Top Ten Things You Learn About Local Government From TV

10. Someone in the Mayor's office / County Commission / etc. is always corrupt. Sometimes more than one person.

9. Local Government has so much money that one person might use 4 or 5 computers at once, every day.

8. The County has money for everyone to drive really expensive vehicles with poor emissions standards.

7. The schools, libraries, and police don't ever notice all the Bad Things "those kids" are doing.

6. Police stations are all built to look like multi-million dollar dance clubs.

5. There is no dress code. Cleavage requiring special underwear to keep things in place is perfectly acceptable during the day, as are jeans too tight to sit in, hair that gets in everything, and t-shirts with "retro" messages and logos.

4. No one ever shares office space.

3. Small towns are angry with "big city folks" for thinking they are corrupt, lazy, backwards, prejudiced and stupid because they are really smarter. Unless they ARE corrupt, lazy, backwards, prejudiced, and stupid.

2. People who work with computers are cool and funky and pierced, and they can hack ANYTHING.

1. Models and sexy surgeons both find poorly paid civil servants to be really HOT.

*Local Government = Anyone working for a level of government lower than the state. Typically city/county, but sometimes ISD, water board, etc.

I worked in local government for just under 7 years until this September. My husband has worked in local government for three years, and continues to do so. Items 1-10, in our experience, are simply not true. Ever.


James said...

But I work on computers and I am cool/funky/pierced :)

Yet Another Girl said...

But you're the cube-decorating exception, not the rule!