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I spent way, way too much money on a hair cut and highlights last week.

I waited three weeks for an appointment at a salon that was rated by several magazines as the best in the area. Why did I have to wait? They are only open 2 evenings a week after 5, and are closed Sundays. (Obviously, working women can just wait.)

Only to have the stylist select only one color (this is cheaper, and easier) so she didn't have to mix and keep track of an actual highlight and lowlight.

Only to be juggled in with two other clients in a 2 hour window.

Only to have my request for some bangs discussed and then forgotten. (So, no, I don't have any bangs.)

Only to be rushed off with my hair barely blow dried.

Only to be told that they didn't take American Express, the wouldn't take an out of state check, and they couldn't add a tip to my credit card.

Only to get home and realize the layers I asked for around my face only frame one side.

Only to have two people ask me in the next two days if I was ill. (So, obviously, those oh-so-expensive highlights that the stylist picked? They didn't make my hair "pop" as I asked, and appear to have dulled my hair. It's actually LESS red than it normally is.)

Now, if I thought the woman was just not very good, I might go back, but ask for someone else.
But at this point, the experience was so bad I never will. And, if I ever discuss hair salons, I will give this one a negative review.

The stylist was lazy, she didn't finish my cut. She only did 2 layers instead of the 5 or 6 my stylist in Texas put in. (And yes, I had pictures of my own hair.) Yes, I as a client have the duty to speak up. But, here's the deal. She's juggling three people. She's bitching to the hair washing girl that she doesn't have enough time. She's got the scissors. There's no manager or other stylist there. If I complain, if I say, "umm... are you sure you're done?" what exactly is she going to do? She's already blown my trust, and she knows she's getting my money. She might fix my hair. She might also make it look really, really bad.

The potential loss I face in speaking up is worse than the loss in silence for me, so I say nothing. The potential loss for the salon in my not speaking up is much, much worse.

The salon didn't have anyone else there to watch the stylist, and they overbooked. If I'm going to wait three weeks, and I'm going to pay a lot of money, I don't expect to be overbooked. That's like flying first class and being told the plane has no ice.

So, now I'm stuck with hair that makes me look ill and has a horrible shape. I also have to find another salon.

On the other hand, in 6-12 weeks it will grow out.

The salon's reputation with me, though, that's gone forever. My money to them? That's never coming back.

Your reputation as a business owner is worth far, far more than any advertisement you can place.

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