Blogger, Google Analytics, and Virtual Neighbors

I've become addicted to watching Google Analytics on this thing. Mind you, I have sites with *much more* traffic I could watch instead.

It's not as much fun to watch several thousand visitors a day on the 80's quiz (down from several hundred thousand; I really should finish the 90's one (which currently resides on the sides of a clean airtran barf bag)) as it is to watch one new person find this.

Except I realized when looking at my referrers exactly how odd my "neighbors" on Blogger are.

I went with Blogger for this because a) I can login from my Google account and b) the perception that Blogger was a bit more "professional" than LiveJournal.

This second precept has been shattered by my referrer logs. After viewing those sites, I realized that the Blogger "next blog" button pulls up some mighty weird stuff. In my case, I was the "next blog" on a FTM transvestite gallery and a extremely obese naked people gallery.

Wonderful. So much for "Blogger! The office appropriate blogging tool!"

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