Wait, What? Why??

I needed lunch.

I ordered lunch (and a couple days extra lunches).

And then I noticed one of those, "wait, what?" moments.

If you click on something on this site to add it to your pizza (in my case, by mistake green peppers, as well as tomato and chicken) then remove it (allergic, too cheap, too cheap)... it shows up on your receipt.

As, "no {whatever}."  Which makes sense, if your computer isn't smart enough to recognize "Hawaiian BBQ Chicken without BBQ Sauce," but makes no sense if there's no "standard menu item" involved.

In this case it's costing Domino's another pizza -- which I await now -- without green peppers.  Since the guy making it somehow saw the "no" in front of tomato and chicken, but not green peppers... which would make me very, very ill.

What was the developer thinking?!

You can think about big enterprises, and probably get the sinking feeling that this happens on a daily basis but none of the lowly franchise employees have a means or the clout to get it fixed with The Pizza Mothership Web Development team.

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