No, Google, No... Buzz Posts are NOT Sent Email

I just noticed recently that if I go into my Gmail™ sent items (looking of course, for pictures of the baby I've sent to people, but whatever), that my outgoing email is completely junked.

What is it junked by? Every item I've shared on Google Reader™, all my Twitter Tweets™,and every status change I've ever sent to Google Talk™.... or at least since Buzz™ started.

Since I'm a heavy Google Reader™ user, and we use Google Talk™ at work for off-site coordination --- my status changes quite a bit (usually variations of free/busy + "song playing on iTunes" option).

What is Google™ thinking?

Yes, a history of what's been "buzzed' under my name -- sure, I can support that. But why is it in my Gmail sent items?

Can't The Great Google Gods In the Sky™ give those "folder" (tag as There Are No Folders) of their OWN??


benjam said...

A quick way to remove those (even though I agree they shouldn't be there in the first place)...

enter "label:buzz" in your search box, and hit "Search Mail", select all, and delete.

Yet Another Girl said...

Yeah, but I would have to do that every day. Also, I like the idea of storing them... just not as SENT Mail.